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Emission 10, 09/12/2003
Unsung Heroes -
Daily Intake (Hexstatic Ectro Rewind) [Solid Steel/Ninja Tune]
Erlend Oye - Like Gold [Source]
Hello Goodbye - Have you Seen My Boy [Racing Junior]
Long Fin Killie - the Heads of Dead Surfers [Too Pure]
Michael Head - the Magical World of Strands [Megaphone]
Big Jim Sullivan - Sunshine Superman [Mercury]
Tuxedomoon - Nite & Day (hommage à Cole Porter) [Crammed]
DMX Krew - Black Music [Rephlex]
Les Baxter - Pyramid of the Sun (Ian Pooley Remix) [Capitol]

Emission 11, 16/12/2003, Spéciale préparatifs de Noël
- Philosophy [Ninja Tune]
Hawksley Workman - First Snow of the Year [Isadora]
Yoko Ono - Catman (the Rosies are coming) [Ryko]
Tek 9 - We’re Getting Down [Crammed]
Groove Armada (feat. Richie Havens) - Little By Little [Zomba]
the Mothers of Invention - It can’t Happen Here [Ryko]
Einzelgänger (aka Giorgio Moroder) - Einzelgänger [Casablanca]
Allison Goldfrapp - Black Cherry [Universal]
Barbara English & the Fashions - We Need Them [Roulette]
Fushimuschi - That Funky Kin ’O’ Than [Payola]

Emission 12, 23/12/2003, Spéciales Noël, volume 1
Let’s Get Buzy -
Clochettes - [Let’s Get Buzy]
Let’s Get Buzy - Générique 3 - [Let’s Get Buzy]
Let’s Get Buzy - Intro - [Let’s Get Buzy]
Bentley Rythm Ace - Do the Christmas Rush [Parlophone]
Conte - la Noël Incorporation [Let’s Get Buzy]
Osymyso - the White Christmas Medley [Sprawl]
the Wings - Wonderful Christmastime [Parlophone]
Syd Barrett - Milky Way [Harvest]
Assurance Père Noël - []
Sesame Street - I want an Hippotamus for Christmas [Sesame Records]
Conte - Monsieur Collin [Let’s Get Buzy]
Shawn Lee - I’ll Be Fucking You This Christmas [W.E. Love You]
the Ronettes - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus [Phil Spector Records]
Conte - Charlotte, la fille Playmobil [Let’s Get Buzy]
Belle & Sebastian - the Twelve Days of Christmas [John Peel Session/BBC]
the Bees - Punchbag [Wall of Sound]
John Baker - Christmas Commercial [BBC Radiophonic Music]
Lederhosen Lucil - Throwing Up Leaves [Mapl]
Conte - Barnabé le Pinguoin [Let’s Get Buzy]
Run DMC - Christmas in Hollis [Profile]
Kylie Minogue - Santa Baby [Capitol]
Outro 23 - []
Meco - Bells, Bells, Bells (Star Wars Christmas) [Casablanca]

Emission 13, 30/12/2003, Spéciales Noël, volume 2
Let’s Get Buzy - Clochettes [Let’s Get Buzy]
Let’s Get Buzy - Générique [Let’s Get Buzy]
Let’s Get Buzy - Intro [Let’s Get Buzy]
Yo La Tengo - Autumn Sweater [Matador]
Conte - Teddy & Barbara [Let’s Get Buzy]
South Park, Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics - Merry Fucking Christmas [Sony]
Sonic Youth - Making the Nature Scene [Geffen]
Conte - Tino Forever [Let’s Get Buzy]
the Fall - No Christmas for John Quays [Resurgent]
YouToo’reMad - MeeewYear’sDay Parapampam [Bootleg]
Conte - Marie [Let’s Get Buzy]
Gus Gus - V.I.P. [4AD]
Frenzy - Robot Riot [Nervous Records]
Conte - Le Monde Merveilleux de Dave [Let’s Get Buzy]
Sigur Ros - Untitled 1 [Fat Cat]
Let’s Get Buzy - Le Père Noël Commercial [Let’s Get Buzy]
James Brown - Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto [Collectables]
Danny Elfman - Kidnap the Sandy Claws [the nightmare before christmas OST]
Sesame Strasse - WeiNacht WeiNacht Schalplatten
Let’s Get Buzy - Outro [Let’s Get Buzy]
Raindolls - Disco Santa Claus [AVI Records]

Emission 14, 06/01/2004, spéciale la Rentrée Dégantée
Seefeel - Climatic Phase #3 [Too Pure]
M83 - America [Gooom]
Roseliqueur - Crucifix Electrique [Partycul System]
Moughoual - Fairchild [Gooom]
Buck 65 - Square 1 [WEA]
Lydia Lunch - Twisted [Get Back]
Steve Winwood - I’m a Man [in ’Funkrock’, BBE]
Daft Punk & Gonzales - Too Long [Labels]
Mardi Gras B.B. - S.E.X.X.Y [Hazelwood]
Homelife (feat. Seaming To) - Too Fast [Ninja Tune]
Jungle vs Simian - Never be Alone [Wagram]
Jean Jacques Perrey & David Chazam - What’s Up Duck [Basenotic]
Kool & the Gang - Open Sesame [De-Lite]

Emission 15, 13/01/2004, Spéciale Craquages !
Jesus & Mary Chain - Head On [Blanco y Negro]
Emilie Simon - I Wanne Be Your Dog [Universal]
the Who - Cobwebs & Strange [Polydor]
Christian Death - Church of No Return [Cleopatra]
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Il est né le divin enfant [Wonderland/Geffen]
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails [BGO]
Scissor Sisters - Confortably Numb [Polydor]
Thee waltons - Get Out Your Vegetables [Anagram]
Space - On the Air [Casablanca]
Alec R. Constandinos - Synergy [Casablanca]
Dick Dale - Riders in the Sky [Rhino]
New Order - Ode to Joy [Experimental Fan Club FlexiDisk]
the Blackstreet Boys vs Grandmaster Flash - No Diggity vs the Message [2 Many Dj’s]
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Manticore [Atlantic]
Pale Fountains - Thank You [Virgin]

Emission 16, 20/01/2004, les Souris sans JPPdS, n°1
Dj Shadow - Right Thing (2 Trip Get the Party 06 6 Mix in 3 Parts) [ ?]
Blonde Redhead - Mama Cita [Shells Like Records]
Them Roc - Gold is Your Metal [Wall of Sound]
Art Ensemble of Chicago - A Jackson in Your House [Actuel]
Double U - There is A Chance [Woul Recordings]
Mars - Helen Forsdale [Souljazz Records]
Scissor Sisters - Confortably Numb [Polydor]
Marvin Gaye - You [Tamla Motown]
The Raevonettes - Next Movement [Columbia]
Akasha (feat. Neneh Cherry) - Sweetchild of Mine [Wall of Sound]

Emission 17, 27/01/2004 les Souris sans JPPdS, n°2
Chicken Lips - Suckee[ !K7]
Spirit - Space Child [Epic]
Client - the Rock’n’Roll Machine [Toast Hawaii]
the Kelley Deal 6000 - Trixie Delicious [New West]
Concorde Music Club - Mademoiselle [13 Bis]
Pussy Galore - Punch Out [Mute]
Puss - Master and Slave [Relax Beat]
Tim Buckley - Sweet Surrender [Warner]
Her Space Holiday - Japanese Gun [Tiger Style]
Jon Spencer Blue Explosion - Attack [Mute]
Bangkok Impact - Like a Virgin [Creme]

Emission 18, 03/02/2004, spéciale Allemagne n°2
Nina Hagen -
Auf’m Bahnhof Zoo [Hansa]
Console -
14 Zero Zero [Matador]
Pulser S.G. -
Temptation, Bronco [PlattenMeister]
Curda -
Pop [Mille Plateaux]
Sascha Funke -
Forms & Shapes (Ellen allein rMx) [BPitch Control]
Palais Schaumburg -
Wir Bauen eine neue Stadt [Ata Tak]
Rebresch & Blumm -
Stieffmutter Natur [PlattenMeister]
Michele Grinser -
Love, Rocket [Disko B]
Greta Schloch -
Alter [PlattenMeister]
Camillo -
Sag Warum [Bear Family]

Emission 19, 10/02/2004
Agoria - Worth It [PIAS]
Joni Mitchell - You’re My Friend [Asylum]
Jaga Jazzist - Reminders (Dat Politics ’Chacha’ Laxist Mix) [Ninja Tune]
The Books - Take Time [Tomlab]
Palinckx - Airbag [Disques Victo]
Amon Tobin & Dj P-Love - Hot Korean Moms [Ninja Tune]
Primal Scream - Kowalski (Dan the automator Mix) [Sony]
Lydia Lunch - Lady Scarface [Get Back]
Colourbox - the Moon is Blue [4ad]



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